Amway Nutrilite Parselenium-E Review & Price in India

Amway Nutrilite Parselenium-E Food Health Supplement helps increasing antioxidant nutrients in our body-cells. Amway Nutrilite Parselenium-E, swallow type tablets, is one of the most essential food supplementary products that we should use regularly to stay fit & healthy.

Here you will get to know the benefits of using Amway Nutrilite Parselenium-E regularly and what is the recent market price of Amway Nutrilite Parselenium-E in India.

Amway Nutrilite Parselenium-E Benefits
Let's check out few important benefits of using Amway Nutrilite Parselenium-E, Food Health Supplement of Amway -

  1. Amway Nutrilite Parselenium-E gives your cells a fighting chance from free radicals with a combination of two essential antioxidant nutrients, 400 IU Vitamin-E and 10 mcg Selenium.
  2. Amway Nutrilite Parselenium-E provides additional nutritional benefit of Phytonutrients from Parsley concentrate grown at Nutrilite’s Lakeview facility.
  3. Each tablet of Amway Nutrilite Parselenium-E is protected by the Nutrilock coating for making it easy to swallow.

Amway Nutrilite Parselenium-E Price in India
Amway Nutrilite Parselenium-E Price in India is Rs.1099/- per container. Each container contains 30-tablets of Amway Nutrilite Parselenium-E. Remember, this price of Amway Nutrilite Parselenium-E is of 2011 and now, it might get changed. So, please call Amway Customer Care Toll Free Number 1800-3000-6600 for latest price of Amway Nutrilite Parselenium-E.

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