Amway Iron Folic Nutrilite Review & Price in India

Often we forget to eat fresh & healthy foods and thus, we often failed to supply our body the required iron & other nutritive elements. This irregular diet, often cause diseases happen due to iron deficiency in body. Keeping this in mind, Amway comes with a great supplementary nutrilite product 'Amway Iron Folic Nutrilite Product' that supplies Iron, Folic acid & other required nutritive things. Amway Iron Folic Nutrilite Product is very useful to children (kids) those avoid healthy foods & love junk foods.

Here you will get to know the benefits of using Amway Iron Folic Nutrilite Product and what is the recent market price of Amway Iron Folic Nutrilite Product in India.

Amway Iron Folic Nutrilite Product is a supplementary deity product necessary for every human beings because it supplies iron, folic acid & other nutritive elements into our body to make it healthy & immune. Amway Iron Folic Nutrilite Product is a natural and easy way to supplement your diet with iron, which carries oxygen, fights with infection and helps convert food into energy. Amway Iron Folic Nutrilite Product provides a unique combination of iron, folic acid and Nutrilite Spinach Concentrate. Each tablet of Iron Folic Nutrilite Product of Amway contains the best tolerated and well absorbed forms of iron – Ferrous Fumerate and Ferrous GluconateAmway Iron Folic Nutrilite Product is ideal for women to keep themselves healthy.

Amway Iron Folic Nutrilite Product Price

  • Amway Iron Folic Nutrilite Product Price is Rs.729/- per container containing 90-tablets of Iron Folic Nutrilite.
  • Amway Iron Folic Plus Nutrilite Product price is few rupees more around 770/- per 72gm container containing 120 tablets of Iron Folic Nutrilie.
Remember, above mentioned price of Amway Iron Folic Nutrilite Product is of 2011 and now it might get changed. So, please call Amway Customer Care Toll Free Number 1800-3000-6600 for recent market price of Amway Iron Folic Nutrilite Product.

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