Amway Attitude Face Wash & Masque Review & Price in India

Here you will get to know the benefits of using Amway Attitude Face Wash & Masque regularly and what are the recent market prices of Amway Attitude Face Wash & Attitude Face Masque in India.

Human skins are different like some has oily skin, some has dry skin. Oily skin sometime becomes dull because dirts could easily got stuck. So, we require face wash that can reduce excess oil of face skin & can remove dirts as well along with nourishing the skin. Face masque also helps to reduce excess oil from the skin. Since, we all spent most of the time outside home, our face exposed to enormous amount of environmental dirts. This is why, we should regularly use face masque & face wash to remove dirts from the pores. This keeping in mind, Amway produces two different facial products named 'Amway Attitude Face Masque' and 'Amway Attitude Face Wash'.

Amway Attitude Face Masque is rich in natural clays that deep cleans the skin and absorb excess oil. Regular use of Amway Attitude Face Masque leaves your skin softer to touch. If you are looking for best face cleansing cream or lotion; then Amway Attitude Face Masque product is the one you are looking for.

Amway Attitude Face Wash is a water based gel & 100% soap free formulation that traps oil & gently foams it away. Attitude Face Wash of Amway effectively removes dirt, excess oil and reduces the surface sebum levels that can clog pores. Amway Attitude Face Wash rinses easily and its fresh floral fragrance leaves the skin feeling energized, clean and soft. Use Amway Attitude Face Wash regularly to get soft, glowing & oil free face.

Amway Attitude Face Wash & Masque Price
Let's check out the price of Amway Attitude Face Wash & Amway Attitude Face Masque in India below.
  • Amway Attitude Face Masque Price in India is Rs.275/- per 100gm pack.
  • Amway Attitude Face Wash price in India is Rs.229/- per 100ml pack.

Remember these prices of Amway Attitude Face Wash & Face Masque are of 2011 and now, it might get changed. So, please call Amway Customer Care Toll Free Number 1800-3000-6600 for latest market price of Amway Attitude Face Wash & Attitude Face Masque in India.

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