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Amway Personal Care Products

Amway Personal Care Products have built global reputations based on their world-class research and development. This work uses state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to deliver quality products offering outstanding performance and has produced more than 600 patents granted and more than 400 patents pending. Amway liquids plant can handle more than 1 million litres (264000 US gallons) of liquid products and ingredients at any time. It is directly connected to the production facility that makes the bottles, making it very flexible and efficient in responding to market needs.

Amway Personal Care ProductsAmway's Personal Care products help us to take care of our body in healthy way. You will find every product for every body part in Personal Care product range of Amway like, hair care (shampoo, conditioner etc.), Oral Care, Skin care Shaving products (cream, lotion, razor etc.), body odour control (deodorant). Let's check out Amway Personal Care products in detail.

Amway personal care products [Oral Care] help our family whiten, clean and remove plaque from our teeth with regular brushing while fighting cavities and freshening their breath with Amway Oral care products.

Amway Personal Care Products
Satinique and Satinique Advanced products of Amway Personal Care deliver performance hair care for personal style, masterfully blending the advances in the science of hair technology with the art of fashion. The range of cleaning, conditioner / treatment and styling products cares for every hair type and every style you wish to create.

Dynamite Shaving Foam, After Shave Splash and After Shave Moisturiser have been designed specially for the skincare and protection needs of Indian Men. These products are designed to deliver the ultimate grooming experience and the confidence that lasts throughout the day.

There are so many Personal Care Products of Amway available in the market. Here is the List of all Personal Care products of Amway along with recent market price in India; mentioned below -
  1. Amway Dynamite Shaving Foam.
  2. Amway Nature Shower Cream Hand Soap.
  3. Amway G&H Body Lotion.
  4. Amway G&H Body Shampoo.
  5. Amway Dynamite Deodorant for Men.
  6. Amway Dynamite After Shave Moisturiser & Splash for Men.
  7. Amway Persona Talc (Talcum Powder).
  8. Amway Persona Soap.
  9. Amway Persona Toothbrush.
  10. Amway Attitude Deodorant for Women.
  11. Amway Glister Toothpaste & Amway Mouth Freshener Spray mint.
  12. Amway Satinique Hair Rejuvenating Masque.
  13. Amway Satinique Moisturising Detangler & Conditioner.
  14. Amway Satinique Advanced Dandruff Control Conditioning Shampoo.
  15. Amway Satinique Advanced 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner.
  16. Amway Personal Care Products Price Chart in India.


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