Amway Dynamite Shaving Cream Reviews & Price in India

Are you looking for Amway's Shaving Cream product details? Here you will get to know benefits of using Amway Dynamite Shaving Cream while shaving and what is the recent price of Amway Dynamite Shaving Cream in India.

Amway's Dynamite range brings to you the Dynamite Shaving Cream which is not only a shaving cream but also helps your skin to be soft & smooth. Amway Dynamite Shaving Cream makes thick rich foam, which spreads easily on the face helping the razor glide effortlessly over your skin.

Amway Dynamite Shaving Cream is formulated with unique ingredients that soften & lift the beard to give a close & comfortable shave. Amway Dynamite Shaving Cream contains natural moisturisers and conditioners derived from Shea Butter and Meadow Foam Seed Oil, which protect our skin and leave it feeling ultra soft & smooth. Amway Dynamite Shaving Cream rinses easily from the face and blade, leaving behind a clean and soft skin. So, use Amway Dynamite Shaving Cream while shaving and make your skin smooth & soft.

Amway Dynamite Shaving Cream price in India is Rs.86/- per pack. Each Amway Dynamite Shaving Cream pack contains two 70gm tubes. Remember, this price of Amway Dynamite Shaving Cream is of 2011 and now it might get changed. So, please call Amway Customer Care Toll Free Number 1800-3000-6600 for latest market price of Amway Dynamite Shaving Cream in India.

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