Amway SA8 Gelzyme Review & Price in India

Are you looking for Amway's detergent kind of product for laundry & washing purpose? Amway Home Care products does have an excellent cloth washing detergent type of product named 'Amway SA8 Gelzyme'. Here you will get to know benefits of using Amway SA8 Gelzyme detergent, reasons to buy & recent price of Amway SA8 Gelzyme in India.

Amway's SA8 Gelzyme is India’s first and only 3-in-1 laundry detergent with added natural softener and Gelzyme power. SA8 Gelzyme of Amway pre-treats, cleans and softens in one easy step with its innovative Gelzyme Pretreatment Technology. The dual surfactant system and the low foaming formula requires less rinsing and thus saves water, time and energy.

Benefits of using SA8 Gelzyme Amway Home Care Product
Amway Home Care Product SA8 Gelzyme is used to remove every kind of common tough stains like blood, chocolate, grass, eggs, lipstick, butter, motor oil, crayons, shoe polish, ink, tea, fruits, coffee, dirt, juice and many many moreAmway SA8 Gelzyme keeps your clothes soft & clean after every wash. The fluorescent whitening ingredient of Amway's SA8 Gelzyme is to keep clothes white & bright, and the refreshing fragrance leaves clothes smelling fresh and peasant. There are so many detergents available in the market for washing and those detergents often damage your skin (hand). But, Amway's SA8 Gelzyme is safe and gentle on hands as well as on clothes leaving no irritating residue on fabrics. It is suitable for both hand and washing machine wash. Amway Home Care product SA8 Gelzyme is really value for money, because 1 Liter of SA8 Gelzyme gives up to 200 bucket washes.

Price of Amway SA8 Gelzyme
Amway's SA8 Gelzyme comes in two different size; one is of 1 litre bottle and another one is of 500ml bottle. Let's check out, recent market price of Amway SA8 Gelzyme Home Care products in India.
  • Price of SA8 Gelzyme Amway Home Care Product is Rs. 645/- of 1 litre.
  • Price of SA8 Gelzyme Amway Home Care Product is Rs. 379/- of 500ml.
Remember, prices of Amway SA8 Gelzyme mentioned above are of 2011 and now could be changed. So, please call Amway Customer Care Toll free number 1800-3000-6600 for latest price of Amway SA8 Gelzyme.

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