Amway Attitude Beauty Product Price Chart in India

Amway has two variant of Beauty products, one is Artistry and another one is Attitude Beauty products. Lipstick, Nail Polish, Eye Liner, Cleanser, Toner, Face wash, Foot Cream, Sunscreen Lotion and other beauty products belongs to Amway’s Attitude Beauty product section. All attitude products of Amway are beauty products and the recent market price in India are mentioned below.

Amway Attitude Beauty Product Price List
  • Amway Attitude Lipstick Price in India – Rs.239/- - 4.5gm (Lipstick Colours available are Rustic Spice, Smoky Brown, Pink Frost, Mystic Wine, Silky Mauve, Fiery Red).
  • Amway Attitude Nail Enamel Polish Price in India – Rs.129/- - 8ml (Nail Enamel Polish shades & colours are: Wine Berry, Peach Spark, Lavender Rain, Ginger Fizz).
  • Amway Attitude Eye Liner Price in India – Rs.375/- - 2.8ml.
  • Amway Attitude Mascara Price in India – Rs.350/- - 8ml.
  • Amway Attitude Cleanser Price in India – Rs.329/- - 150ml (Cleanser price same for both Dry Skin and Oily Skin).
  • Amway Attitude Toner Price in India – Rs.329/- - 150ml (Toner price is also same for both Dry & oily skin).
  • Amway Attitude Moisturiser Price in India – Rs.515/- - 45ml (for both oily & dry skin).
  • Amway Attitude Hand & Body Cream Price in India – Rs.275/- - 100gm.
  • Amway Attitude Foot cream Price in India – Rs.275/- - 75gm.
  • Amway Attitude Face Masque Price in India – Rs.275/- - 100gm.
  • Amway Attitude Face Wash Price in India – Rs.229/- - 100ml.
  • Amway Attitude Sunscreen Lotion Price in India – Rs.349/- - 150ml.
Note: - Amway Attitude Product Prices mentioned above are of 2011 and now, the Price of Amway Attitude Products could be changed. So, please contact 1800-3000-6600 (Toll free) customer care number of Amway in India.


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