Amway APSA-80 Adjuvant Spray Review & Price in India

Here you will get to know the benefits of using APSA-80 Adjuvant Spray of Amway, usage of APSA-80 Adjuvant Spray of Amway and what is the recent market price of APSA-80 Adjuvant Spray of Amway in India.

APSA-80 Adjuvant Spray Home care product of Amway is an all-purpose spray adjuvant that when mixed with pesticide (insecticide, fungicide and herbicide) & foliar fertilizer improves their effectiveness leading to increased crop yield for the farmer. APSA-80 Adjuvant Spray of Amway contains surfactants that reduces surface tension of water & improves its spread-ability & penetration into the soil & thus acts as an irrigation aid for the farmers. Amway APSA-80 Adjuvant Spray is an international brand with rich heritage of over 35-years. Adjuvant Spray of Amway has been tested on numerous crops with different type of soil by over 80 International & Indian Agricultural Universities and tested facilities to prove its effectiveness.

Amway APSA-80 Adjuvant Spray Price
Amway APSA-80 Adjuvant Spray comes in two pack; one is of 1 litre (more savings) and one in small pack. Let's check out the recent price of Amway APSA-80 Adjuvant Spray in India.
  • Amway APSA-80 Adjuvant Spray Price in India is Rs.670/- per 1 litre pack.
  • Amway APSA-80 Adjuvant Spray price in India is Rs.410/- per 500ml pack.
Remember, these prices of APSA-80 Adjuvant Spray of Amway is of 2011 and might get changed now. So, please call Amway Customer Care Toll Free Number 1800-3000-6600 for recent market price of Amway APSA-80 Adjuvant Spray.
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