Amway Great Value Products & Price Chart in India

Amway's Great Value products are considered highly effective & lesser in price. All Great Value Products of Amway are 'value for money'. Products that we all use in our daily life such as Shaving cream, razors, hair cream, hair oil, coconut hair oil, and toothbrush are comes under Great Value Amway Product section with an unbelievable price.

Let's check out the recent market price of all Great Value Products of Amway in India. Amway’s Great Value Products Indian Price Chart as follows.

Amway Great Value Product Price List

  • Amway Dynamite Shaving Cream Price in India – Rs.86/- - 70gm (Pack of 2).
  • Amway Dynamite Disposable Razors Price in India – Rs.159/- - Pack of 10 Razors.
  • Amway Dynamite Hair Cream Price in India – Rs.80/- - 150gm.
  • Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil Price in India – Rs.66/- - 200ml.
  • Amway Persona 100% Pure Coconut Oil Price in India – Rs.95/- - 500ml.
  • Amway Persona Classic Family Toothbrush Price in India – Rs.76/- - Pack of 4.
Note: - Amway Great Value Product Prices mentioned above are of 2011 and now, the price of Amway Great Value Products could be changed. So, please contact 1800-3000-6600 (Toll free) customer care number of Amway in India.


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