Amway Squeeze Bottle Dispensers Price in India & Review

Here you will get to know the advantages / benefits of using Squeeze Bottle Dispensers of Amway in your daily life and how to use (usage process) Amway Squeeze Bottle Dispensers and What is the recent market price of Amway Squeeze Bottle Dispensers product in India.

Amway Squeeze Bottle Dispensers with Turret Top can be used in following purposes -
  • While using Amway's SA8-Gelzyme pre-treatment gel.
  • While using Amway's Dish Drops dilution.

Amway Squeeze Bottle Dispensers has few essential features too. Here are few important features of Squeeze Bottle Dispensers of Amway -
  1. a flip-top screw-on cap to prevent leakages and spills.
  2. Squeeze Bottle Dispensers holds up to 500ml of cleaning solution.
  3. The large neck diameter of Squeeze Bottle Dispensers provides for easier and accurate mixing.
  4. Amway’s squeeze Bottle with pistol grip sprayer is especially useful for Zoom and See Spray products of Amway.
  5. Nozzle offers three options like Stream, Spray and stop.

Amway Squeeze Bottle Dispensers Price in India is only Rs.19/-, Turtle Top price is Rs.10/- and Pistol Spray Grip price is Rs.30/-. Dispensers Home-Care Amway product prices mentioned here are of 2011. So, these prices might get changed with the time. Please call Amway Customer Care Toll Free Number 1800-3000-6600 for latest Squeeze Bottle Dispensers Home Care Amway Product Price.

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